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Aldie School

The first school in Aldie was established in 1858. Enrollment was about 75 students that came from Arcola, Lenah, Halfway and other villages. They had to furnish their own transportation, which was by walking or horseback.

In 1882, Aldie had its first woman principal, Miss Cecilia Warfield. However, in 1888, the building burned and was replaced by another two-room school house. In 1915, the White Building was built for the high school (where the flag pole is now located) with an enrollment of about 35 students. At this time, some of the old desks were still in use, but the slates were being replaced by regular paper and blackboards.

It was not until 1925 that a school bus ran, which came from Oatlands only. The enrollment then was about 60 high school students and by 1928, the numbers had increased in Loudoun County such that the current brick school house was needed for lower grades.

In 1935, the enrollment of Aldie Elementary was about 90, making Aldie one of the largest high schools in Loudoun County. Another bus route was started, this time from Middleburg.

Up until 1950, Aldie housed grades one through eleven and then in 1951, it was extended to grade 12. It was not until 1971, when the middle school concept was formed, that grades one through five were left at Aldie.

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