History of Mt Pleasant Baptist Church

A Legacy of Leadership
The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was organized in 1875.  During the early 1870’s, prior to being officially organized, the church consisted of a number of Christians from various churches in the area, who met on occasion to hold song and praise services.  These early Christians were without a leader.  After meeting and worshipping for approximately a year, they started to attract the attention of licensed ministers.  A number of these licensed ministers lead worship and revival services.  The church was organized under the leadership of Rev. Thomas Edmonds.
From this early leadership Mount Pleasant has been blessed though the years with nine (9) dynamic men of God.  Each pastor did his best to meet the needs of his generation and prepared a stepping stone for those who followed. 

Rev. S. P. Fisher:  1881- 1894
S.P. FisherRev. Fisher became Mt. Pleasant’s first pastor.  Prior to his calling, Rev. Fisher was a licensed minister from Middleburg, VA.  Rev. Fisher proved himself to be an excellent young minister of the Gospel.  During his ministry the church grew substantially in membership.  The congregation worshiped in an old log church.  It was during the ministry of Rev. Fisher that the first new house of worship was built.  Rev. Fisher resigned as pastor of Mt. Pleasant in the spring of 1894 and accepted the call to be the pastor of the Providence Baptist Church of Rhode Island.

Rev. R. P. Dawson:  1894 – 1921
R.P. DawsonPrior to his departure, Rev. Fisher requested that Brother B.W. Murray served as interim pastor.  Brother Murray served in this capacity from April to September o 1894.  At a regular meeting in September 1894, the church unanimously extended a call to Rev. R. P. Dawson, pastor of Middleburg, Rectortown and Asheville Churches.  Rev. Dawson accepted the call to pastor Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and served as pastor for 25 years.  When his health began to fail him, Rev. Dawson selected Brother Arthur Stuart to carry on the work.   Rev. Dawson remained pastor until his death in 1921. 

Rev. Arthur Stuart:  1922 – 1939
Arthur StuartBrother Arthur Stuart served as leader of the church for several months following the death of Rev. Dawson.  During this period Brother Arthur Stuart proved himself to be an effective, capable man of God, and as a result, was called to be the pastor.  Rev. Stuart accepted the call and was ordained.  The membership continued to increase under his leadership.  The church was nearly rebuilt during his tenure.  New window sills, flooring, a gallery, and entry were added.  The pulpit was enlarged.  Rocking walls were added to the back, front and sides.  Rev. Stuart submitted his resignation after 17 years of service as pastor of Mt. Pleasant.      

Rev. George W. Martin:  1940 – 1950
George MartiinRev. George W. Martin was called as the new pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in March 1940.  Under his leadership worship services were expanded from morning and afternoon services every second Sunday to worship services on second and fourth Sundays.  He also organized a Men’s Club, Young People’s Club, Pastor’s Aid Club and a Trustee Board.  During his pastorate improvements were made to the church.  A pastor’s study, choir stand, and kitchen were added.  Rev. Martin received a call from the Chantilly Baptist Church in Chantilly, Va. and tendered his resignation to Mt. Pleasant in October 1950.

Rev. L. A. Jackson:  1951 – 1965
L. A. JacksonRev. L. A. Jackson was called to pastor Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in April 1951.  Although many changes were occurring at the church, Rev. Jackson saw the need for more.  Under his leadership a Building Fund was established for the purpose of building of a new church.  He also saw the need for leadership training.  As a result, he spearheaded annual religious training institutes in the schools so many area churches could participate.  The Vacation Bible School program was initiated under Rev. Jackson’s leadership.  Rev. Jackson was instrumental in getting the church involved in community activities on the local, state and national level.  The church became active supporters of the Baptist General Convention, the Baptist Children’s Home, Virginia Union University, Northern Virginia Baptist Association, and the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention. 
After nearly 14 years as the pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Rev. Jackson accepted the call from First Baptist Church in Bridgehampton, New York, and resigned his position.  Rev. Jackson’s vision to establish a Building Fund began to bear fruit.  During this time the church was well on its way to building a new church and establishing the site of the new church cemetery.
Ill health forced Rev. Jackson to resign his pastorate in New York.  He returned to Aldie in December 1974 and rejoined Mt. Pleasant.  Rev. Jackson was laid to rest in the Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park on July 3, 1978.

Rev. Eugene Terry:  1966 – 1978
Eugene TerryRev. Terry accepted the call from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in November 1966 and became its next pastor.  Although the work had already begun, the new church was completed under Rev. Terry’s leadership.  In May 1972, Rev. Terry led the congregation on the march from the old wooden church on the hill to the new church home on Old Carolina Road.  Under Rev. Terry’s leadership worship services were increased from two to four Sundays a month.  In addition to ordaining a son of the church, a Deaconess Board was organized.  Rev. Terry was instrumental in assisting the church in acquiring a 43 passenger bus, which was useful in getting members to Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, church meetings, and to fellowship with other churches.  Rev. Terry tendered his resignation in December 1978 after over 12 years as pastor.  Upon his death in 1983, Rev. Terry was laid to rest in the Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park.

Rev. William D. Jackson:  1980 – 1996
William JacksonThe church was without a pastor for a year following the resignation of Rev. Terry.  The call was extended to Rev. William D. Jackson.  Rev. Jackson was devoted to the membership and served as a full-time pastor.  He was known to visit the sick and was always in attendance at Sunday School, Bible Study and Pray Meetings.  He also actively represented the church at a number of Christian organizations statewide as well as on the national level.  Rev. Jackson was not only a leader in the church but also a community leader.  He was instrumental in getting the Department of Transportation to pave the roads in the community.  Rev. Jackson served Mt. Pleasant faithfully until he resigned in December 1996 to pursue civil, social, and theological interest that would benefit the larger Christian community. 

Rev. Glenwood P. Roane (Interim):  1997
Glenwood RoanRev. Roane accepted the call to serve as interim pastor of Mt. Pleasant following the resignation of Rev. Jackson.  Much was accomplished during Rev. Roane’s short tenure as interim pastor.  He organized the Pulpit Committee and provided guidance throughout the quest for a new pastor.  He aided Mt. Pleasant in developing its first written Constitution and By-laws.  He established a Music Committee, a Cemetery Committee, a Youth Committee and a Mass Choir and added a “Moment with the Youth” to the Sunday morning worship service.  The church’s first telephone directory was printed during his tenure.  Rev. Roane’s tenure as interim pastor ended on October 26, 1997.

Rev. Chester L. Banks:  1997 – 2006
Chester BanksRev. Banks was elected pastor of Mt. Pleasant in October 1997 and served for nine years.  God accomplished much during Rev. Bank’s labor at Mt. Pleasant.  Five ministers were licensed to preach the gospel, one of which was ordained.  During his tenure Rev. Banks inspired spiritual growth in many and the church continued to grow.  Rev. Banks established a television outreach ministry.   Sermons were recorded and broadcast weekly on the local cable stations.  Recognizing the importance of coordinating the many educational programs in the church, the Christian Education Committee was formed under his leadership.  Rev. Banks also felt it was important to show appreciation to the many hardworking, dedicated members of the church.  Deserving members were recognized monthly and rewarded with tokens of appreciation from the church such as movie tickets, dinner passes, certificates and plaques.  Outreach efforts in the community were also successful.  This is evidenced by the spirit of fellowship that evolved during our Annual Family and Friends Day.  A major accomplishment during Rev. Banks’ tenure was the blueprint that has been established for our building project.  Expansion of the church is planned in three phases.  Phase I, the addition of the new foyer, was completed under Rev. Banks’ leadership.  Rev. Banks tendered his resignation as pastor in October 2006.
The church was without a pastor for approximately a year and a half.  A pulpit committee was formed to identify, screen and present candidates to the church for consideration to be Pastor.  During this interim period without a pastor, the pulpit was filled monthly by a number of ministers who not only lead the Sunday morning worship services, but also the weekly prayer meetings and bible study classes.

Rev. Eugene E. Pearson 2008 – Present
Eugene PearsonRev. Pearson gave his life to Christ at the early age of seven and was baptized at the New Second Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

In November 2001, Reverend Pearson announced his call to the preaching ministry and received his certificate of license to preach the Gospel on April 21, 2002 by the late Reverend, Dr. Harold E. Trammell, Pastor of the Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD.  Reverend Pearson was ordained on July 10, 2004 by his father, Reverend Eugene M. Pearson, Pastor of the New Second Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

While at New Second Baptist Church he served as Chairman of the Men’s Ministry, Youth Minister, and Director of Outreach where he and his wife developed, organized, and coordinated GLOW (God Loves Our World) Ministries. This ministry partnered with Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring, MD (Homeless Shelter) in feeding our community’s homeless. 

Reverend Pearson holds an Associate of Arts degree in Architectural Technology from Montgomery College, a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from The Catholic University of America and a Masters of Divinity Degree from The Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.

Reverend Pearson is a native Washingtonian and is married to Marietta “Mardy” Pearson who he considers to be his “Blessed Love Forever!”  Reverend Pearson is also the proud father of their son, David Michael Pearson and their daughter Jocelyn Kathleen Pearson.

Reverend Pearson is a servant of God who is continuing to grow in the love, grace, and knowledge of his Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.